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Veterans Place of Washington Boulevar​d, or "Veterans Place," is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to ending homelessness among Veterans in the Pittsburgh region.  Founded in 1996 and located in Larimer, we strive to provide a variety of supportive services for the growing population of homeless Veterans in the Pittsburgh area. The goal of Veterans Place, working in partnership with the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System and other organizations, is to facilitate Veterans' transition from Homeless to Home, becoming engaged, valuable citizens who contribute to their communities.

In our current location since 2004, we operate several programs in this pursuit.  First, we serve Veterans living in Pittsburgh's emergency shelters and on the streets through our Homeless Veterans Day Program.  Each day, Monday through Friday, our shuttle picks up Veterans at shelters throughout Pittsburgh and transports them here to our Service Center.  Once here, we provide them with breakfast, lunch, clothing, case management, referrals and services designed to address the root issues that cause homelessness, including chemical dependency and mental illness.  We are also able to provide other transportation support, including shuttle service for medical appointments and access to other community resources.  By leveraging our own services with a variety of community partners to serve our clients, this program operates as our front line of services and a gateway to other programs and resources all over the Pittsburgh region.

Some of our visitors and staff

In addition to our Day Program, we provide homeless Veterans a place to live here in our 48-bed Transitional Housing Program.  This program provides 48 Veterans up to a 24-month stay in one of our 13 townhouses on Washington Boulevard.  Veterans in this program receive case management, recovery support, clothing, an on-site food pantry, employment support, and other services designed to build them toward self-sufficiency and successful independent living.  With the goal of permanent housing being central to Veterans in this program, over 80% of our clients graduate successfully, one of the highest rates in the region.

At Veterans Place, we provide homeless Veterans with an array of facilities and services that build long-term residential stability, employment, sobriety and self-determination.  Through our own services and those delivered through a variety of community partnerships, we strive to be a full-service agency for all homeless Veterans.

For more information about Veterans Place and our services, contact us at (412) 363-0500 or